System Optimization

It’s important to keep your computer running at its best performance with a regularly scheduled system optimization service. This allows your computer to function faster and helps eliminate the small issues that your computer can build up over time, potentially causing more serious issues.


Data Recovery & Transfer

Backing up your files and pictures is one of the most important tasks that needs to be done to your computer or network. We offer different solutions to back up these important files, inthe event that something happens to your computer or network, your files are saved and retrievable.

Virus Removal

Maintaining the health of your computer is important. Over time, wear and tear, a built up hard drive, and viruses can take its toll, causing your computer to perform at slower speeds. We offer solutions to speed up your computer so that you can enjoy your experience on the Internet or your day to day activities on your computer.

Hard Drive Failure

Accessing information or data from your hard drive is vital. Having a malfunctioning hard drive prevents you from accessing this data causing your computer not the be properly configured.

Hardware Upgrade

You only want the best performance for your computer. By doing so you must upgrade your hardware to have only the best.  Doing an update can be as small as changing your a 256GB hard drive  to a 1TB hard drive.

OS Update or Restore

Ensuring you have the newest Operating System (OS) allows you to receive security updates and be protected from viruses, spyware and other malicious software that attempts to gain access to your computer.


Choosing the right place to get your computer repaired can be misleading. Often times computer repair shops don’t live up to your expectations. We at TechSmart have the knowledge and experience to repair any computer issues.  Our techs use cutting-edge tools and methods to diagnose your computer problem and repair it. Whether it’s the infamous BSOD (blue screen of death), bad hard drive, your computer doesn’t start up or is slow on the internet, bring your computer to us and we will exceed your expectations

Custom Built Computers

Tailoring Computers to Fit Your Business, Home, or Gaming Need.